MONROVIA – The Liberia National Police on Monday, October 3, 2023, rescued and narrowly escaped with a man believed to be a criminal from the hands of angry commercial motorcyclists in Sinkor.

The man identified as Khalifa Jomah is in his early 30s. He is a commercial motorcyclist. He was seen being stoned, beaten, and dragged by his fellow cyclists before the arrival of the police on the scene.

He had earlier allegedly snatched the bag of a lady on the Capitol By-pass and he was chased by his fellow bike riders. Khalifa collided with a white land cruiser pickup which led to him being manhandled by his colleagues.

Our reporter met Khalifa in a helpless state, with deep cuts and wounds on his head and other bodily injuries.

Angry bike riders were seen with sticks, ratten (whip) and rocks, beating and stoning Khalifa because, according to them, Khalifa’s action sends a bad signal to the public about biker riders.

“We want beat him and kill him because those are the guys who’re spoiling our names around here,” an angrily commercial bike rider, Massaquoi explained.

Khalifa is a well-known bike rider from the 12th Street Community with his dad being a personnel of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL).

One of the bike riders, identified as Prince, said Khalifa’s mother just bought him the new bike.

“It’s unfortunate to have heard that Khalifa was involved in a thievery of a bag of a lady that led him being beaten unmercifully like that,” he explained.

The police commander of the Salem Depot on the Airfield along with his team had to rescue Khalifa by calling for a backup team due to the huge number of angry biker riders who want to stone Khalifa to death.